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Lundy, Isle of Avalon

Lundy, Isle of Avalon Lundy, Isle of Avalon Lundy, Isle of Avalon Lundy, Isle of Avalon Lundy, Isle of Avalon Lundy, Isle of Avalon Lundy, Isle of Avalon

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Arthur, the rightful king   It was a dark and stormy night at Tintagel , so the old tales tell, the night that Ygerne gave birth to Arthur and Merlin spirited him away......   read more

Atlantis, the Lost Land   A very convincing and original theory concerning the location of more

Lundy, Isle of Avalon   The Avalon of later Arthurian legends was known as Annwn to the earlier Celts. Geoffrey Archer writes - "Various hills and islands are access to Annwn. An Otherworld or underworld of Welsh legend, one of the many survivals from pagan Celtic Mythology. The most important hill is Glastonbury, the most important island is Lundy" more

Stonehenge Around 2000 BC, when the priests in Babylon were conducting, and recording, their observations of the celestial bodies, the building of the first phase of Stonehenge was begun.  Over the next six hundred years a series of successive structures were erected and Stonehenge as we know it finally arose around 1400 BC. more

The Knights Templar  Sometime between 1110 and 1120, in the aftermath of the First Crusade, a small group of knights  vowed to devote their lives to the protection of pilgrims in the Holy Land. They were called the 'Order of the Poor Knights of Christ.' The King of Jerusalem, Baldwin II, granted them the use of a captured mosque built on Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the site of the ancient Temple of Solomon. From this they became known as the Knights Templar. Under the patronage of St. Bernard of Clairvaux the Order received papal sanction and legitimacy. The Knights Templar were granted permission by the pope to wear a distinctive white robe with a red cross. ... read more


Arthurian and other Texts  

A selection of older Arthurian and other texts for your further reading including Alfred, Lord Tennyson - The Idylls of the King, Le Morte D'Arthur - Thomas Malory, Sir Gawain and the Green knight - Jesse Weston, The Mabinogion, Perlesvaus or The High History of the Holy Grail, Gildas De Excidio Britonum also Stonehenge and Other British Stone Monuments Astronomically Considered by Norman Lockyer and  Timaeus by Plato - In which the author introduces the world to more



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