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Ygerne / Igraine


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In the Arthurian legends the name of Arthur's mother is variously spelt as;-YGERNA, YGERNE,  YGERN, IGRAYNE, YGRAINE, IGRAYNE, IGRAINE, IGERNA, IGERN, EIGR.

She was the mother of Arthur by Uther Pendragon and mother of three daughters by her previous husband Gorlois of Cornwall, Morgan le Fay / Anna, Elaine and Morgause.

Ygerne, was the archetypal Lady of the Lake.

According to John of Glastonbury Arthur's mother, Ygerna, was descended from the nephew of Joseph of Arimathea, HELAINS. Ygerne was sent from Lundy, the Isle of Avalon to the mainland to marry a king and bear his children,  

Arthur and Morgan le Fay; These children, Arthur and  Morgan were the offspring of the  union of  the dominant secular and religious powers in the region. Arthur was raised to be king and Morgan was raised on Lundy, isle of Avalon to become a lady of the lake On her later return to  Lundy, the Isle of Avalon Ygerne  assumed the lead role in that religious community, as The Lady of the Lake

When she died she was  buried with an 'Early Christian' inscription on the stone marking her grave. 

The stone is still preserved on Lundy at the site of the old St (H)elen's chapel, the cemetery on Beacon Hill

Her role as 'The Lady' was inherited by her daughter Morgan


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