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Lundy, Isle of Avalon by Les Still ePublished by Mystic Realms

Lundy, Isle of Avalon

Avallach / Evalake  

   Lundy, Isle of Avalon         Gods, Saints and Heroes

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"The common apple tree reached Greece from the North. It was adopted by the Greek sun-god as especially sacred to him, and from the Celtic word 'Abal' an apple, the god derived his name Apollo. Avalach and Avalooc are Celtic variations of the same word." Rhys, Arthurian Legend

In Welsh tradition Avallach is the father of Morgan le Fay.

Aballach m. Beli m. Anna is, according to the Harlech Genealogies an ancestor of the dynasty of Coel Hen. 

According to the 'Life of St. Bueno' Aballach / Afallach is the ancestor of the ruling dynasty of Powys. 

Avallach, according to Triad 70 is the name of one of the mythical ancestors from whom the most prominent British dynasties claimed descent.

The list of the children of Brychan in one early manuscript includes Avallach m. Brychan.

In the ''Estoire del Saint Greal' the heathen king Evalake (Evalach),  to whose sun temple Joseph of Arimathea is supposed to have gone, is another manifestation of Avallach 

The name 'Ynys Avallach' occurs in an early manuscript.

The 'Bruts' give 'enys Avallach ' as the equivalent of 'insula Avallonis'. The implication is that the meaning in both cases is 'the Island...'.

'Insula Avallonis' is used by Geoffrey of Monmouth as the equivalent of 'insula pomorum.' 

The use of the name 'Avalon' - 'Insula Avallonis' - for the Celtic Otherworld probably predates Geoffrey of Monmouth's writing. 

He writes of Arthur - 'Passing away after his last battle to the enchanted ISLE of Avalon.' - 'Insula Avalloni.' He also states that Arthur's enchanted sword Excalibur was 'forged on the ISLE of Avalon.'

 In the 'Vitae Merlini' by Geoffrey of Monmouth, 'Morgen' is named as the chief among nine sisters who rule over the 'insula pomorum que fortunata vocateur' to whom Arthur is brought after the battle of Camlann.


All the names meaning both the 'the island of a man called avallo or Avallach' and also the Apple island with associations to the apple - trees are characteristic of the Celts concept of the Otherworld.

The writer of 'De Antiquitate Glastoniensis' uses 'insula Avalloniae' and states that this is the same as 'insula pomorum'.




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