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 Temples of Apollo

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The author of the journal of Pytheas' travels (Diodoros Siculus, Bibliotheca quoting Hecateus of Abdera as one of the writer's authorities). wrote that there were two temples to the god Apollo on the British Isles.

There was ‘both a magnificent sacred precinct of Apollo and a notable temple which is adorned with many votive offerings and is spherical in shape’

Temples of Apollo


"There is an island in the seas to the north of Celtic Gaul. This island,  as large as Sicily, and situated opposite the mouth of a mighty river, is home to the Hyperboreans (dwellers beyond the north wind). Legends tell how Leto ( the mother of Apollo and Artemis ) was born there and this is why they worship Apollo above all other gods.

On this island are a magnificent grove / temple to Apollo and also a circular shrine whose walls are adorned with many votive offerings. There is also a sacred city dedicated to the same god. Supreme authority over the sacred sites lies with those called the Boreadae, descended from Boreas, power uninteruptedly passed down this line."

"The supreme authority in that city and the sacred precinct is vested in those who are called the Boreadae, being the descendants of Boreas, and their governments have been uninterruptedly passed in this line." (Ashe, The Ancient Wisdom quoting from Graves, the White Goddess).

The Greek poet Pindar wrote of a temple sacred to Apollo, the sun god, in the land of the Hyperboreans.( 10th Pythian Ode).

It is also said that from this island the moon appears very near to the earth, also that Apollo visits this island every nineteen years, one complete revolution of the stars. During the season of his appearance Apollo plays upon the harp and dances every night.

These Hyperboreans had a longstanding affinity with the Greeks, particularly the Athenians and the Delians.

 In the past the Hyperboreans were visited by Greeks bearing gifts of great value and that also in times past the priest Abaris came from Hyperborea to the temple at Delios.

One legend recalls how Abaris, a druidic British priest of Apollo, travelled on the god's golden arrow from the British Isles to Greece to visit Pythagoras. ( Trans Europe St. Michael Line )

'The visit of the British druid, Abaris, was long remembered at Athens. Greek fancy converted the magnetic needle by which he guided his travels into an arrow of Apollo which could transport him at wish whithersoever he pleased.'

Another legend describes the return of Apollo from the land of The Hyperboreans to Delphi in a chariot drawn by swans.

The third concerns what are known as the 'Hyperborean Gifts.' These, packed in straw, were sent from Hyperboreans (British?) to Delos as gifts ( tributes) to Apollo.

'These first fruits, it is said, are hidden in wheaten straw, and no one knows what they are.' - Pausanius

( apples?)

"The ancient text 'The Book of Enoch' fully describes the 364 day calender system and is filled with references to the seven visible planetary bodies. There is a description of observing the sun-rises through the year at a 'great and glorious device at the (northern) ends of the earth'. Any astrophysicist can work out the latitude of his observations - it falls not many miles from the latitude of Stonehenge and Lundy"


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