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Sun Gods

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The noted authority R.S.Loomis stated that in his view a study of Classical mythology demonstrated a "A powerful belief that the islands not far from the British coast were regarded as the homes of the various gods of the sun."

All of the following are recognized by most authorities as equating; from the early Sun Gods from the metaphysical Archangel through to the earthly patron Saint of England.

Apollo -  Zeus - Atlas - Hercules / Herakles - Baal - Belinos - Beli - Mabon - Helios - Chronos / Kronos - Michael - George - Gwair / Gweir 


Survival of Sun Worship 

It can be seen that sun worship did not disappear with the spread of Christianity

From  the 'Confessions' of St. Patrick ( 5th Century) "That sun which we see, rises for us daily at God's command, but never will it reign nor will it's splendour endure, but all who adore it will meet with the unhappy punishment of the wicked.'

 In the 7th Cent. 'St.Eligius' -in a condemnation of pagan usages wrote;-'Let no one call the sun or the moon lords, or swear by them, for they are but the creatures of God.'

As late as the 11th cent. in Britain, King Canute issued a prohibition of barbaric worship including;- 'Sun, Moon, fire, running water, springs, stones, trees of any kind, or blocks of wood.'



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