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Lundy, Isle of Avalon by Les Still ePublished by Mystic Realms

Lundy, Isle of Avalon

Gwair / Gweir

   Lundy, Isle of Avalon         Gods, Saints and Heroes

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Gwair is a Celtic - Sun God

"The noted 19th century authority, Professor Rhys, was among the first to identify the imprisonment of Gwair on the Isle of Lundy, with the Paphlagonian (Greek) myth of the binding of Chronus on a western isle. He also points out that Classical legend is the original source of the basic myth of the god imprisoned on a western isle traceable through the Arthurian Romances. Gwair, Pryderi, Mabon (Apollo Maponus) all are manifestations of the same captive god."

' Gwair was the sun; his imprisonment in a western isle possessed the same meaning as the Paphlagonian myth of the binding of Kronos, who shared with Gwair a solar nature.' from 'Celtic Myth and Arthurian Romance'



Spoils of Annwn.

A poem in the 'Book of Taliesin' - 'the Prieddeu Annwyn' - 'The Spoils of Annwn' contains the outline of a now lost legendary tale. The poet tells of Arthur and his men sailing to the Fairy Fortress ,Caer Sidi, aboard Arthur's ship Prydwen to free the captive Gwair ;-

Perfect was the captivity of Gwair in Caer Sidi,

Thanks to Pwyll and Pryderi's emissary.

Before him no one entered in to it,

The heavy, dark chain held the faithful youth.

And before the spoils of Annwn sorely he sang,

And thenceforth remains he till doom a bard.

Three freights of Prydwen went we thither,

But only seven returned from Caer Sidi.

It is universally accepted by the leading scholars in the field that the Fairy Fortress, Caer Sidi, refers to the island of Lundy.


'It is not improbable that the legend about Gwair located his prison on Lundy, as the Welsh name of that island appears to have been 'Ynys Wair', 'Gwair's Island'. Rhys -Celtic Folklore.

'The Isle of Lundy probably owes its Welsh name 'Ynys Wair' to the localization there of the imprisonment of Gwair (Gwri).' - R.S. Loomis, Celtic Myth and Arthurian Romance


' The site of Gweir's imprisonment has been associated with the place-name 'Ynys Wair'; ... Lundy Island. ----- Bromwich.


'An old name for Lundy is Ynys Wair, or Weir meaning the island of Gwair or Gweir.' -  The Island of Lundy.


Triad 52:- the Three Exalted Prisoners of the Island of Britain 



'If, moreover, Perceval is that Pryderi who rules over the island where Gwair is enchained, then we may add the Ynys Wair or Lundy island to the many other islands off the British coast which had a sacred character and were believed to be the blissful dwelling places of the gods.'- R.S.Loomis, Celtic Myth and Arthurian Romance.


' like Apollo... also a god of poetry ... the welsh Gwair..."sang grievously at the harrying of Annwn, and will remain a  bard till doom."' R.S.Loomis, Celtic Myth and Arthurian Romance


One source says that Gwair was Arthur's maternal uncle - Igerne's brother

The "Names of The Island of Britain, "a pre tenth century Welsh document which has come down to us as part of the Welsh Triads uses the name  'Ynys Wair' - 'Gwair's Island' for Lundy.

Gwair Gwallt Euryn - captivity in an island where the Head of Annwn kept his Cauldron.

Gwair was the sun; his imprisonment in a western isle possessed the same meaning as the Paphlagonian myth of the binding of Kronos, who shared with Gwair a solar nature.

Gawain = Galahad (island- Sarras) = Gwair (island- Lundy)



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