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Stonehenge and Other British Stone Monuments Astronomically Considered 


by Norman Lockyer

   Mystic Realms        Stonehenge




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Chapter I. Introductory
Chapter II. The Astronomical Divisions of the Year
Chapter III. The Agricultural Divisions of the Year
Chapter IV. The Various New-Year Days
Chapter V. Conditions and Traditions at Stonehenge
Chapter VI. General Architecture of Stonehenge
Chapter VII. Astronomical Observations at Stonehenge in 1901
Chapter VIII. Archeological Observations at Stonehenge, 1901
Chapter IX. Was There an Earlier Circle?
Chapter X. The May and June Worships in Brittany
Chapter XI. Astronomical Hints For Archæologists
Chapter XII. Astronomical Hints for Archæologists—Continued
Chapter XIII. Stenness
Chapter XIV. The Hurlers
Chapter XV. The Dartmoor Avenues
Chapter XVI. The Dartmoor Avenues (continued)
Chapter XVII. Stanton Drew
Chapter XVIII. Folklore and Tradition
Chapter XIX. Sacred Fires
Chapter XX. Sacred Trees
Chapter XXI. Holy Wells And Streams
Chapter XXII. Where Did the British Worship Originate?
Chapter XXIII. The Similarity of the Semitic and British Worships
Chapter XXIV. The May-Year in South-West Cornwall
Chapter XXV. The Merry Maidens Circle
Chapter XXVI. The Tregaseal Circles
Chapter XXVII. Some Other Cornish Monuments
Chapter XXVIII. The Clock-Stars in Egypt and Britain
Chapter XXIX. A Short History of Sun Temples
Chapter XXX. The Life of the Astronomer-Priests

I. Details of the Theodolite Observations at Stonehenge
II: Hints on Making, and Method of Reducing, the Field Observations


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