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Templar Fortified Towns in Outremer


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Templar Fortified Towns in Outremer


The Fall of Acre

Acre fell to Saladin in the aftermath of his resounding victory at the Battle of Hattin. Acre was recaptured by Guy of Lusignan, king of Jerusalem, in 1191 after a two year siege and for the next 100 years became the capital of the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem.

"In Acre the headquarters of the Hospitallers and of the Templars formed separate enclaves, each capable of individual defence.".  ---  Crusader castles in the Holy Land 1192-1302

" But even though the Kingdom of Jerusalem now consisted of no more than a narrow coastal strip from Acre to Beirut, it remained rich and the annual revenues of mid-13th century Acre alone were greater than the normal revenues of the King of England." - David Nicolle - Acre 1291

The Fall of Acre  in 1291 is acknowledged as the end of Outremer.

ACRE, SIEGES OF, 118991, 1291
Acre was the major port of the kingdom of Jerusalem, jutting into the sea, with walls to protect the land side. Its harbour was protected by a mole, on which stood the Tower of Flies. After the Battle of Hattin, King Guy was released. Acre was taken by the Turks after Hattin. Guy sought to restore his reputation by recovering Acre. He began the siege with 400 knights and 7,000 infantry on 28 August 1189. Saladin brought a relief force but could not get through. The crusaders, according to the enemy, were solaced by a shipload of beauties with fleshy thighs. Guy was reinforced by the arrival of the Third Crusade, first Philip Augustus and then Richard the Lionheart. Both kings fell ill during the siege. They broke in on 12 July 1191. Richard threw down the standard of Leopold of Austria from the wall. Philip returned to France. Saladin was slow to pay the ransom and Richard ordered the killing of 2,700 prisoners. The fall of Acre in 1291 was the deathblow to the crusader kingdom, sometimes called the kingdom of Acre. It was a base for the military orders and Italian merchants. The attack was planned by Qalawun and undertaken, after his death, by his son al-Ashraf from 6 April with 220,000 men. His engines included Victorious and Furious. Acre was taken on 18 May and razed to the ground. - The Routledge Companion to Medieval Warfare






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