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The Lady of the Lake


   Mystic Realms        Arthur, the rightful king

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The ladies of the lake


The 'Lady of the Lake' is the title of the chief priestess of the religious community who lived on the Isle of Avalon The Ladies of the Lake were, at one and the same time, a community of otherworldly women guarding the Sovereignty of the land and an early Christian monastic community.

Nimue, Vivian, Ygerne, Ellen, and Morgan are all, at one time or another, named as the Lady of the Lake.

Morgan, in her role of Lady of the Lake, gifted Excalibur to Arthur. Bestowing the gift of Sovereignty and confirming his right to rule.

 Morgan le Fay and Excalibur
Morgan Le Fay and Excalibur


Merlin falls in love with either Nimue or Vivian ( dif versions ) and after stealing his powers she imprisons him in a rock, cave or tree ( dif versions ).

The name 'Nimue' is most probably related to 'nemus' 'nymet' meaning 'grove' or 'sacred grove' ( A name which appears frequently in Place- names within North Devon but seldom elsewhere ).

Ygerne, the mother of Arthur, was a Lady of the Lake and her life is illustrative of what that meant. Ygerne, recorded to have been a descendant of the  nephew of Joseph of Arimathea, HELAINS., came from the Isle of Avalon to the mainland to marry a king and bear his children,  Arthur and Morgan le Fay the children, Arthur and  Morgan were the offspring of the  union of  the dominant secular and religious powers in the region. Arthur was raised to be king and Morgan was raised on isle of Avalon to become a lady of the lake

On her eventual return to  the Isle of Avalon Ygerne  assumed the lead role in that religious community, as The Lady of the Lake. When she died she was  buried with an 'Early Christian' inscription on the stone marking her grave. A stone which is still preserved on Lundy, in the cemetery on Beacon Hill, the site of the old St (H)elen's chapel

Her place as 'The Lady' was taken by her daughter Morgan

The Lady of the Lake is sometimes said to have been married to King Pelles, the Fisher King.

the Greek goddess of the moon, Diana Nemorensis was known as "Diana of the Grove" 

Artemis was sometimes called Limnatis, "Lady of the Lake"

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